What we did for my Birthday

The January blues never hit me too hard as my birthday falls at the end of it! This year I didn’t really feel like I had much of a run up to my birthday. Usually the weeks drag by and the birthday excitement builds, but this year I have been so ridiculously busy that the time went by so quickly. I barely even blinked after Christmas and then it was my birthday weekend! I say weekend – no one ever just has one day for their birthday – but my birthday was on a Saturday this year which is always fun, and definitely means you need the whole weekend.

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Liebster Award – We’ve Been Nominated! 

Wow! I always see these types of awards going round the internet and never thought that one would come along my way. But thanks to the wonderful Victoria C Rae , Life of Lauraa has been nominated for the Liebster Award. From reading a bit about this I found out that it’s an award to promote bloggers and to discover new blogs and make friends within the bloggy community!

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2017, lets do this!

Last year I set myself resolutions and I don’t think I achieved any of them. In fact I can’t even remember what they were. It was the only year I think I have ever set resolutions, as it’s something I don’t usually do, and apparently for good reason! So no resolutions for me this year. But just some more positive thinking, letting go of the past and focussing on me and my life.   Continue reading “2017, lets do this!”

Countdown to Christmas

Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I’m currently writing this post in my overly, in-your-face festive room, next to my mini Christmas tree and my three advent calendars. Excessive doesn’t even cover it. But what is the point of trudging through the year without a massive celebration at the end to celebrate that you made it through another year!

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Surprise Weekend

So it turns out I have the best family any one could ask for. This semester of uni has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, both emotionally and physically and I would never be able to get through it without my wonderful family and amazing friends. This has been the longest time I have gone at uni without visiting home and it was getting to the point where I just needed a break and was really home sick.

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The Mid-Semester Slump

I feel quite ashamed at myself for letting myself slack on blogging. It’s bad and I should get back into dedicating more time for it. But I’m not going to dwell too much on that. This is kind of how I think every university student is feeling about life right now. It gets to that stage in the semester where you’ve had the first few weeks of having fun and getting back into a routine, and then the assignments kick in, and the hard work starts.

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Room Tour – How I’ve decorated my Uni Room

It always takes a bit of getting used to when you move to a new place. Getting everything unpacked and decorated and making things look how you want them to. After being back at uni for almost a month my room is finally finished and pretty and everything looks beautiful and cosy! I had been so excited to move out of halls and have my own space where I wasn’t going to be interrupted by fire alarms or cleaners or inspections. A place where I could feel more at home, and that is exactly what I have at my new flat.

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What we did in Brighton

In the short time that I have been back at uni I have managed to go on a little day trip to Brighton, to surprise my cousin for her birthday. Vik had only just started at Brighton university and because her birthday was so close to the start of the semester she wanted everyone to come up to see her for her birthday, rather than her come home so soon. So off to the seaside we all went! Despite the extremely early start to my day at the beach, I was so excited. I’d never been to Brighton before and this was the perfect excuse for a day trip.

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Back to Uni!

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, apologies, but I had been getting ready to move back to Winchester to start my second year of uni! It is extremely scary how fast this last year has gone. I already don’t want uni to ever end. Ever! I want to stay here and be a student forever and ever. Everything seems to be moving too fast for my liking.

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What we did in Italy

This years summer holiday was to the beautiful countryside of Italy. My family and I have been to Italy a couple of times but this year we ventured to a slightly different area than usual. We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse, about a half an hour drive from the town of Perugia. We had an early flight in, which meant that we had another half a day at our beautiful house. After maneuvering through some very scary roads, way up in the hills, we arrived at the farmhouse, greeted by its owner who had already stocked the kitchen with food and lots of wine!

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