Summer Diaries #1: Spiders and Picnics

First day of summer wasn’t spent as a waste of a day, much to my surprise. However it did start off that way, with Netflix threatening my social life.

Had an early start to the day at 5am as I woke up to a massive spider crawling around in my bed. I had to shake out all of my covers and it took me half an hour before I calmed down and got back into bed.
The main part of my day was spent at my friends house having a picnic in her garden. Not the most adventurous place to picnic but I’m sure we’ll venture further as the days go on. The weather in England is really hot and muggy at the moment so it was nice to just sit in the shade doing nothing all day apart from listen to music and drink pink lemonade. We also ate so much food I couldn’t move!

My sister and I then travelled on the train to Harwich to our Dad’s house for the evening, where I found another 3 spiders camped out in my room! They freak me out so much.

But, all in all, a good start to the summer.

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