Summer Diaries #3: Road trips and Pizza Hut

My friends and I had to change our plans for today, because of the weather. So we had some last minute plans. Because we all love food we took a trip to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet. I ate so much pizza and pasta I felt sick! But the food was amazing and we got a free dessert which was great.

Then we had a whole afternoon with nothing to do. So we drove up to the John Lewis store and had a look around there for a while. I hadn’t ever been before so it was a new experience for me. I loved it! It had so much stuff in there and it was all so fancy. Going through the shop I wished that I had my own house to renovate with all the beautiful things that were there.

After walking around the shop we went back to the car to decide what next to do which led us to going through the car wash, which was a first for my friends car. We then spontaneously drove down to this river bank/beach thing that was underneath the Orwell bridge and we went for a walk down there to pass some more time. The river looked pretty even though the weather wasn’t nice. We walked up and down there, found some dead jellyfish along the way that we poked with sticks and just talked. It was lovely to have some time like this with my friends.

Finally we went to Costa to have drinks and cake before heading home where I finished my day with a Netflix session and internet shopping. I treated myself to a load of new makeup, spending the best part of £100 on BareMinerals! Can’t wait until it all arrives.

Overall a lovely, spontaneous day with my girls.

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