Summer Diaries #5: London Tourists

This year my mum and step dad hadn’t booked an abroad holiday to go on so instead they booked three days in London for us to do as many tourist-y things as possible. This is why I haven’t made any blog posts for a few days. And also because I have been procrastinating like crazy.

So our first day in London started by driving up to Seven Kings to the B&B we were staying in for the next couple of nights. It was this Irish bar and restaurant place that looked so rough from the outside. It was quite scary when we showed up and thought about how we had to stay there, but inside it was beautiful. So lovely, we were so happy with it!

After checking in we walked to the train station where we traveled to Liverpool Street and then tubed to Waterloo to take a walk along South Bank. I love walking along South Bank as the view is so pretty and there are usually street performers and the people who dress up and stand really still. We got an ice cream there, watched a few street performers and then walked along to the London Dungeons, our first tourist stop.

The dungeons were so good! Some bits were so scary, the rides especially. The people that work there are just incredible actors and they really make the experience.

We then walked along the bridge and past Big Ben. We bought some lunch and sat in Trafalgar Square eating said lunch. It was a great place to people watch.

After lunch we walked along the Mall to Buckingham palace, our next tourist stop. We had pictures with the guards before walking through St. James park.

Covent Garden was our next stop where we watched more street performers and had a drink at a bar. My sister and I walked around the shops and markets and purchased some things from Mac before heading off to Leicester Square.

The square was so busy and we realised that it was because The Expendables 3 premier was taking place at the cinema there. We stood there for a bit and tried to spot some stars. Then it was time for dinner which took us to China Town for an all you can eat buffet which was delicious.

By the time we got back to the B&B we were exhausted! So it was straight to bed to replenish ourselves for Day 2.

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