Summer diaries #7: Lost on Oxford Street

Our final day in London started with a McDonald’s breakfast, eaten on the train.

Once at Liverpool Street we got back on the open top bus tour and made out way around the second route that the did. Passing Westminster, Buckingham Palace and also going through Belgravia where I am aspiring to live one day!

We then got off of the bus at the Natural History Museum to take a walk around there which we thought would be simple and quick enough before we saw the massive queue to get in. We thought about leaving but we decided to stick with it although we ended up spending more time queuing than in the actual museum. It was just so busy that it wasn’t fun.

Oxford Street was our next stop to do a spot of shopping, but again it was so busy that we didn’t do much shopping at all. As we were walking back to the tube station we realised that we were one family member short: my step dad was missing. There were so many people about and we had no idea where he had gone! Also his phone had run out of charge earlier that day. The most worrying thing about this was actually that he had the car keys and the rest of the food we had bought. My mum walked back to the shop we had been in and then back to us with no hope. She kept saying “What if he’s had a heart attack and has been dragged down an alley somewhere?!” which obviously wouldn’t have happened, but it was a scary thought. We then got a phone call from him and were reunited. He had gone into a phone shop and asked to charge his phone so that he could call us! It was a very clever move. Almost clever enough to make up for the fact that he forgot to charge his phone in the first place.

All back in one place we journeyed home from London, back to our normal lives. I had the best time and I miss it so much now!

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