Summer Diaries #9: Harwich to Spain

Every summer I usually spend about 2 weeks with my dad where we will go on holiday somewhere, or stay at home and take day trips to places. 

We spent the first two days in Harwich, where my dad lives, preparing for our holiday to Spain. The first day we went out with my two Nana’s and took them for afternoon tea and cake at Jimmy’s Farm, which was so nice and a bit different. It was nice to catch up with my Nana’s as I hadn’t seen either of them in ages. After dropping them home, My dad, his fiance Janie, my sister and I took a trip to Clacton Pier where we spent loads of my Dad’s money on the amusements and all the rides that are there. After nearly making ourselves sick on the rides we went to have dinner at Prezzo’s and then went home. We mainly just prepared for the holiday on the second day as we were flying early in the morning.

So I did eventually manage to catch some rays on holiday in Spain with my Dad and Janie and some family friends.

There isn’t much day to day activities to describe on this holiday as I literally spent the entire week just laying on a beach, reading my Kindle. The weather was amazing, the people were lovely, the atmosphere was so relaxing. Our hotel was wonderful. Positioned the opposite side of the road to the beach. It was great to spend some time with my Dad and Janie as we only ever spend a couple of days a week together. 

But by the end of the week I was ready to come home and traded in the hot sun of Spain to the English cold and rain. 

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