Busy, busy, busy

My life has literally exploded into action recently. I feel at the moment like I’m living in fast forward. Since being back at school I had loads of free time, in which I could read and write. But now school has really kicked off. My workload has sky rocketed. Every lesson I go to I get given petty pieces of homework that mean nothing but they take forever to complete. And then after I’ve stayed up late completing these pieces of work the teacher never mentions it or asks to see it! But if I don’t complete it they will then ask for it. It has been extremely stressful.

I have also joined in with planning lot’s of extra curricular activities as it’s my last year of sixth form and being in the oldest year of school we apparently have the responsibility to run everything! I am partaking in the school musical this year, as well as running dance clubs and choreographing for the musical. I am also organising a Christmas Dance show with the other A-level dance students (there are only 4 of us) So it’s fair to say that I’ve had a lot on my plate, as well as working, dancing and trying to get enough sleep.

With all these things going on I feel as if time is rushing past me and I’m not getting to enjoy the Autumn as much as I had hoped. Soon this year will be over and I won’t have even realised at this rate.

I just hope this all dies down soon.

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