I am in love with autumn. It’s my favourite season and I wait patiently for it to come back around every year. It’s where you can dress up warm in jumpers and scarves but you don’t always have to cover up in a big coat. It’s where everything has the most beautiful orange-red tint of leaves and warmth. It’s where every thing is cozy and candles all smell of cinnamon and pumpkin. It’s where drinking hot drinks doesn’t cause you to break out in a sweat.

I am in love with autumn and I’m now realising that it will soon be over and I haven’t appreciated it enough. Less than a week until Halloween, I’m going to get out there and celebrate autumn for myself.

I’m gonna wear jumpers and boots and kick up leaves and buy cinnamon flavoured everything! I’m gonna sit through the wind and the cold and embrace it and drink loads of tea and hot chocolate. I’m gonna take a trip somewhere and go for days out and eat a pumpkin. I’m gonna wrap up warm and drive with the roof down in my car no matter how cold it is!

I’m going to do every autumn cliche I can think of!

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