Film Talk: Love, Rosie

After reading the book (Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern) I was so excited to watch the film! I couldn’t wait. I was literally bouncing in my seat waiting for the film to start. Now of course the film wasn’t as good as the book but films rarely are better than the books. But I did really love this film! It was a typical lovely romantic comedy and those are always my faves.

It was a slightly different plot line to the book and there were some slight differences with the characters which was a bit confusing to people who have read the book but if you hadn’t then I’m sure it didn’t matter. Because of these characters changes some of the original storyline was lost and some of the relationships were different but I understand why they changed it. The storyline of the book spans over 50 years so it’s hard to do that in the space of a 2 hour movie, which is probably why they changed it up a bit. But I did like the changes.

The story line was good, the actors did a great job – I loved Lilly Collins – it was funny and sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time. I haven’t enjoyed a film that much in a long time.

A new favourite of mine! I wasn’t disappointed.

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