My Top Tips for feeling good, when you’re feeling down.

It’s winter now – the peak illness time. Whether you’re ill with a cold, stomach ache or a headache; or you’ve just had a rough day; there are a few little things you can do to perk yourself up and put on a brave face. Because let’s face it, we all would want to just curl up into a ball and die but the world still spins and we all have things to be doing or places to be going. So these are a few things that help me through the dark days of winter.

Some things to start the day of with…

  • Make yourself a hot drink of you’re choice. Whatever it is that you usually start you’re day with, coffee or tea or lemsip for the throat, but add a little something else to make it special. With coffee you could add some cinnamon or flavoured syrups. If you’re a tea lover try adding some lemon to wake you up and help clear that cold.
  • Use a luxury, scented body wash in the shower to make you feel more pampered. Using your favourite scents will make you feel glad that you got out of bed. Pair this with a scented body lotion for extra pampering. I love using the body shop Strawberry collection because it smells amazing.
  • If you can, spend a little bit of extra time to primp yourself. Do something nice with your hair, add some eyeliner to your makeup. It’s easier to feel good if you look good! Do the same thing with your outfit, dress up a little bit. This always makes me feel better about myself when I’m feeling down.
  • Have a good breakfast. Don’t just shove some coffee down you’re throat before running out of the door. Add some fruit to your cereal or a spoonful of Nutella to your porridge. Make time to get something to eat otherwise you’ll just feel worse!
  • Listen to your favourite happy songs on the way to work or school or wherever you may be going. Picking your best uplifting tracks will help to boost your mood. Sing along if that helps. It doesn’t matter if people give you funny looks, it just matters that you’re feeling happy and positive.
  • Don’t let work or school bother you or bring down the happy mood you’ve been trying to create all morning. Have a chat with a friend, let people know that you’re feeling bad so that they can cut you some slack. Don’t stare at the clock all day. Just try to keep busy until you’re ready to go home.

When you get home from your day out…

  • Get all your homework or any housework you have to do, done and out of the way. The quicker it’s done, the quicker you can relax.
  • Change into something more comfortable. Now it’s winter you can bundle yourself up in onesies and dressing gowns, jumpers and slippers.
  • Create a calm relaxing atmosphere. If your room is a mess then tidy it up a bit; light a few scented candles; turn on some twinkly fairy lights. Keep the atmosphere calm, cosy and warm.
  • Have a bath or a hot shower. Just soak it all away!
  • Take your makeup off and wash your face. You’ll feel cleaner and more relaxed.
  • Make yourself a soothing hot drink. I suggest a lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.
  • Settle down to a nice activity like reading a book or catching up on TV or watch your favourite movie. Don’t spend hours on the internet, staring at a phone or computer screen.
  • And most importantly, get an early night for some well deserved rest. You can only get better with lot’s of sleep!

I hope some of these things will help to brighten up your horrible winter blues days. Cheer up!!

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