DIY: Christmas Phone Case

With Christmas coming up I thought that it would be a great idea to jazz up my phone case ready for the season. This DIY costs almost nothing and it can be changed to fit any occasion, not just for Christmas! These are also a great idea for gifts as people can change them themselves, add pictures, drawings glitter, texts. And it’s so easy to do!

Step 1: Buy yourself a clear phone case. I got mine pretty cheap at ebay for £0.99! 


Step 2: Find a picture, or text, even a piece of wrapping paper, that you want to use for the back case. I found some quotes from Elf the movie on Pintrest which I thought would be perfect for Christmas. I have also used patterned wrapping paper and photos.


Step 3: Copy the picture to a word document to re-size it to fit the case. You can do this by holding the case up to the screen.


Step 4: Print the pictures out. 


Step 5: Trace around the phone case 


Step 6: Cut out the picture making sure to cut out a space for the camera on the back. 


Step 7: Place it in the back of the phone case and then put your phone in and you’re done!


The picture inside of these can be changed for almost anything! So you can have a phone case for every occasion and every outfit if you wanted! You will never waste money on loads of different phone cases again and you’ll have ones that no one else will!

Enjoy your Christmassy Cases!

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