Early Christmas Weekend

This year my dad, his fiancee, my sister and I all had an early Christmas away in Center Parcs. I work in retail, meaning that I’ll have to work the sales over Christmas and Dad’s Wedding is on the 28th; this meant that Christmas for that side of my family would be a bit up in the air so we all went away for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with just the 4 of us.

I had the most amazing time and felt so festive! We made paper chains and decorated our lodge and listened to Christmas CD’s. We made Christmas chocolates and a chocolate house. We wore Christmas hats and jumpers as a family. We even had a whole Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! They put so much effort in and made it so lovely for me and my sister. We even had stockings on our beds in the morning as if it were Christmas morning.

IMG_4242   IMG_4341     IMG_4370

Whilst we were there we went swimming a lot and played games and did a puzzle in the lodge. My dad bought a load of bird seeds and peanuts to feed the animals with. We saw loads of deer which was amazing! We also did field archery, where you shoot at fake animals with bows and arrows which was really fun. I was a pro at that!


Center Parcs is one of my favourite places and they had really gone all out in the festive season. They had wrapped lights around trees to make walk ways and had put wreaths on all of the lodge doors. There was even a firework show on the Sunday night which was incredible and just put a cherry on top of a great weekend.

IMG_4288  IMG_4375

I felt so so grateful in that weekend, spending my favourite season, with my favourite people in my favourite place. Now I can’t wait for the real thing!

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