America Diaries #3: Los Angeles and Santa Barbara

The drive to LA was very long due to all of the 4th of July traffic, but we got there in the end. Our hotel was only a short walk from the start of the Walk of Fame so we took a walk along there when we arrived. We did all of the touristy things, pointing out names on the stars, measuring our hands and footprints to the ones outside the Chinese Theater, before finally having a meal at Hooters! We only had one more day in LA before we made our way to Santa Barbara, so we carried on the touristy theme of the trip and took a bus tour around the celebrity houses. They were crazy! You never realise how big LA is until you’re there.

So after the quick stop tour through LA we made our way to the more relaxing destination of Santa Barbara, to a beach side apartment where we stayed for a whole week. The view was spectacular. I spent most of the week just sitting on our balcony and looking out at the sea and the palm trees.

We took lots of walks along to the harbour to have drinks, and spent a couple of days browsing the shops. The weather was gorgeous, aside from the mornings ‘June gloom’ which would always turn into beautiful sunshine. We made use of the massive BBQ that we had at the condo, and stayed out late on the beach most evenings. It was amazing to be able to have a relaxing moment in our crazy road trip!

While we were there we took a day trip to Santa Monica and Venice beach, and hired bikes to go up and down the promenade, (do they call it a promenade in America?) Venice beach is a crazy place! Reminded me a bit of Vegas with all sorts of people and stalls and stuff going on. The whole place was colourful with graffiti, and I loved watching the skate park.

We spent another morning down at the beach having a surfing lesson! It was so much fun! Mum was absolutely hilarious to watch, but she actually did quite well. I hadn’t surfed in a few years but it was so much fun to do it again, especially in such a beautiful setting.

I was sad to leave after the week was up. We had all fallen in love with the place, and the lifestyle!

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