2016, I promise to stick to my resolutions

I would like to apologise for how long it actually took me to finish my America Diaries! After coming back from America I was so busy that blogging had to take a back seat, but I also then forced myself to not blog about anything else until it was all done. I promise I will be better at this in 2016!

The rest of my year was incredible! I got amazing results from my exams which then enabled me to go off to University. At first it was this crazy big step in my life that took a lot of adjusting to but now I am a pro at student life and it has been the most amazing few months.

I am currently studying Creative Writing. The course is fantastic and has really begun to push me as a writer, (another reason why I have had no time at all to blog!) I have made some great friends and have really fit in to the Uni lifestyle, but as much as I love it, I have loved being home over Christmas. It’s great to be back with the family and to not have to worry about any work, and to just relax.

Christmas and New Year were fantastic! I ate and drank way too much, which is completely appropriate. I am looking forward to the new year and I have promised myself many resolutions that I hope I will be able to stick to in 2016. I am not usually one to set resolutions, but I wanted to push myself this year and to stop leaving things unfinished. I am aiming to keep this blog up to date as well as other forms of journaling. I also want to read more books, I have set myself a task of 20 to start with. As well as this I want to write a book, well, at least start it. So I hope that I will stay motivated enough to stick to my resolutions.

Good luck to everyone with their own resolutions this year and I hope you have a healthy and happy 2016. xx

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