The struggle for Inspiration and Motivation

When you pursue a creative hobby, or study, or job, it can be really hard to find motivation to carry on – especially when it’s a hobby that isn’t necessarily rewarded in any way. There’s no way of knowing if what you’re doing is actually worth your time and effort. For me this struggle is in blogging.

Blogging is something I love and I always find comfort in it, so that is kind of motivation in itself, I guess. In my university seminar they asked us if we had ever started a blog and how we kept it up and why did we bother keeping it going. I started this blog when I was still figuring out what to do for uni and I thought that it would be a good way to get some writing practice in. This is still one of the main reasons I keep this blog going. My main motivation being that I am naively hoping that it might help me get to where I want to be.

My motivation is also in the fact that I love having something out there, in the big worldwide web, with my name on it; some little piece of me where people can read my work and learn a bit about me.

And as for inspiration, a lot of ideas for posts and other work comes from the things I do and the people around me. I know that sounds really vague and ¬†pretentious but it’s true! I actually write out most of my blog posts in my university seminars because that’s where I get most of my inspiration – from the things we discuss, the weird and wonderful people around me and all of their fantastic stories.

I always take notebooks with me so I can write all these things down when they spark in my head, even if it’s something rubbish that I know I will never post. I keep everything in case I re-read it again, a few months later, and it inspires something else.

I do find it hard to be motivated and inspired but I try my best to create new and exciting things, in the hope that it will entertain someone.

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