My Wall of Everything

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I keep little things like ticket stubs, receipts, letters, pictures, cards from everywhere I go and everything I do. But instead of keeping them in big memory boxes (I do have a few of these as well because there is just so much stuff!) I like to have them out on display in my room where I can be reminded of all the amazing memories. I love having this little space of happiness to look at.

Aviary Photo_131012630994125141 I have had a few walls like this in my bedroom back home, and I wanted to bring a homely feel to my university room. So I took advantage of the fact that there was already a huge pin board in my room, and spent ages crafting the perfect little memory box on my wall.

All these things accumulated over time, especially the things that people have sent me such as the cards and letters. Some things I just bought because I thought they looked pretty, and I like being surrounded by lots of pretty things. I decided to buy some patterned sheets of paper from Paperchase, to make a backing for all of the things, because the blue of the pin board just didn’t look nice against it all. I feel like the paper just makes the whole board look more complete and does a great job of filling in the blank spots on the wall.

The main things I have on my wall are pictures. I have so many photos and wish I could have all of them on display all of the time. I love having these memories around me and it’s lovely to be able to see pictures of all my friends and family when I am away from home. I like to rotate the pictures when I get more recent ones printed off, then the old ones go into a scrapbook I have. I like having lots of different types of pictures up so some of the pictures here are ones from my polaroid printer, and some are photo strips from booths.

I also have letters and little notes and post-its that have been sent to me, or left for me when people have come to visit me. I like sending letters whilst I’m at uni, it’s sometimes just better than a text, nice to have something real.

To put it all up with, I use a variety of either pins, blue tac, pegs or clips. My friend gave me these metallic pins that bring out the shiny sections of the backing paper, and I bought some patterned pegs to add to the kind of jumbled look.

I’m always changing things around or adding things, new memories. But I just love this wall and it makes me so happy when I’m sitting at my desk and I look up and can see all of these happy things. It’s such a fun little project, and so easy to change around if you get bored of things easily, like me. It brings such a positive vibe to my room and I love that I have a little piece of all my friends and family with me, while I’m away from home.

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