Early Mother’s Day

In my family we never really celebrate Mother’s Day too much, just a card and some flowers and chocolate or wine. This year I can’t visit home for Mothering Sunday because, as people who work in the food/drink industry will know, it is a very busy weekend at work, so my poor Mumma will have to go without me this year.

So because of this my Mum came to visit me at uni for a couple of days and we had an early Mother’s Day celebration, and just some girly, mother-daughter time together. It was so nice to spend some time together, because I hadn’t seen her in ages. It was kind of like a little holiday for her and I wanted to make it lovely for her as I can’t be with her at the weekend.

We went out for tea and cakes at my favourite little tea shop in Winchester, and then moved on to the pub for pre-dinner drinks. I gave Mum her Mother’s Day card in the tea shop and she cried at my lovely little message – perks of a Creative Writing degree, you know how to write heartfelt, sentimental letters.

The next day she was here we went to Southampton for a shopping day, that turned into a cocktail drinking evening. She is one of my favourite people to go shopping with. We have so much fun and we both spent way too much money. I was extremely sad when she finally had to leave. It made me feel even more home sick but I’m looking forward to Easter when I can go home.

My Mum is an amazing woman and I am so proud of her. I would never be able to get through university without her endless support. She is my biggest fan and encourages everything I do. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Mum you are fabulous and you inspire me everyday. And wherever we are, we’ll never be too far away.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the sensational Mum’s out there!

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