Writing Spaces

As I have covered before in a previous post, it is sometimes hard to find motivation or to get into a constant routine of writing. It is something that takes a lot of practice. I find it difficult to get into a habit of writing regularly because my ideas are so sporadic that I sometimes go for ages without anything and then write 10 things in one day.

I often get struck by the dreaded ‘Writers Block’ but I’ve realised that it is okay to fall victim to this, as long as you have some kind of way out. I personally like to try to take myself out of my normal environment and search for inspiration elsewhere, because it definitely isn’t anywhere between the 4 walls of my room.

My favourite thing to do when I get like this is to get dressed and go outside. What? Outside? Yep, because there is more to the world than staring into the void of Netflix. It’s good to just take some time out, have a browse around some shops, have a coffee and do some people watching. Sitting in a coffee shop with a notebook might sound like the most pretentious thing you could do, but it does wonders for getting out of a writing slump.

All distractions that might be out there could actually be seen as inspiration. Everyone has a story, everyone is interesting in some way, and all of these things could spark off something amazing.

It’s good to take a look at the outside world every now and then. Obviously not too much, we’re still hermits at heart.

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