Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here! It is finally starting to get warmer and everything just looks beautiful. There are so many things to do, so many opportunities to get outside now that we’re not bundled up, fighting the cold. Aviary Photo_131025303714992996.png

I am sad to see Winter go. I hate having to say goodbye to the warm, cosy, cuddly comforts that come with Winter. The pretty jumpers, and boots and candles and hot chocolates. But once that sun hits, and I see all the beautiful flowers, I happily welcome the Spring. Everything is just so photogenic and I like to try and get outside and make full use of the photo shoot weather – as you can see.

A favourite Spring past-time of mine is going out and looking around the markets and farm shops, seeing the lambs and the pretty daffodils. The weather is still cold enough to wear gorgeous coats and layers, but its nice to know that the sun still exists, and that warmth is possible without scarves, hats and mittens.

And of course we can’t forget the best thing about spring; wearing the prettiest pastel nail varnishes. Not to mention loafers and sandals and brogues. Goodbye beautiful, comfy boots. I will miss you. Spring is the first step towards the bright, bold shades of summer, and is always a nice, slow transition for me, as I begrudgingly put away all of my lovely dark, black clothing. Also Easter is just round the corner which means months of gorging on chocolate eggs until I am the shape of an egg. But I’m not complaining. You can never have too much chocolate! After all don’t we just love to push our sugar boundaries every now and then.

However, now the sun is out, and we’re all re-emerging from hibernation and into the wilderness, everyone can see how pale I am. It is a shocking sight in natural light. But the blue skies help me to forget about my pasty problems. You can’t help but let out a relaxed sigh at the sight of a bright, cloudless sky. Everything just seems easier in Spring.

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