What we did in Newcastle, Part 1

When I started writing up everything we did on this trip, I realised that there was so much to talk about and so many photos that I have split it up into two separate posts, so look out for the second installment, coming out in a few days.

I visit Newcastle quite often because it is where my boyfriend, Tom, goes to University. Because of these many visits we have managed to cover a whole range of things to do in Newcastle. It’s a long and expensive train journey from where I am but it’s a lovely place and it’s like a second home to me now.

There is never a dull moment in Newcastle. Everything is really accessible as well, thanks to the Metro system. During my most recent visit, Tom and I wanted to try to do as many things as possible, to explore more of Newcastle. We started off our little holiday by going on a date. Seems silly, but it was our fifth official date after being together for almost two years. We went to a restaurant called Gusto down on the Quay. I love the Quay and walking along the river so this was the perfect spot for our date.

The food was beautiful, and we sat along the balcony, looking down at the pretty lights and the river. It was such a lovely evening, just being able to talk and forget about uni and work and everything else. It was nice to dress up and go out to somewhere nice. We then finished off the date by going to our favourite cocktail spot at a place called The Living Room. This was one of the first places we went out together in Newcastle and they do the most amazing French Martini’s, so we go there as often as we can.

Whenever I go to visit we usually spend most of our time just wandering around town, having coffee or food, doing a little shopping and taking pictures. Eldon Square is a great shopping center that has loads of things to do, including places to eat.

One of the days I was there, Tom had bought tickets for us to see my favourite band, The Feeling, at the O2 Academy. I had so much fun, it was an amazing night! The venue was awesome, so intimate with only about 200 people there. We also got the chance to meet them again after the show, and they remembered me from the other times I had seen then, so that of course turned me into a complete giddy fan girl.

It was a brilliant start to the trip, getting to spend so much time together, when we usually only get a couple of days at a time. I feel so grateful that I get to do these things and that I get treated so well. It’s nice to get away sometimes and be looked after.

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