What we did in Newcastle, Part 2

We had such lovely weather the second half of the trip. On one of the sunnier days, we took a walk through this little farm, under one of the bridges. We didn’t even realise the place existed, so it was fun to have a look around and see the animals.

Our walk took us all the way down to the Quay, where we found this little cafe called the Cycle Hub, that rented bikes and hosted all sorts of cycle events. Not being cyclists ourselves, we were a bit skeptical as to what it was but the place was friendly, had a great view of the river and did really amazing sandwiches, so we were happy!

Tom acted as my personal photographer as we strutted along the Quay, taking shots of the bridges, before we crossed over to the Baltic Art Museum. No offence to contemporary art, but we’re not really very artsy people and it wasn’t really for us, but I would still recommend it, just for the spectacular views at the top floor of the museum. After trying to be cultured, we finished of the day, the right way, with cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce.

We decided to have a day out of the centre, and took the Metro all the way to Tynemouth, for a day at the beach. It only took about 20 minutes to get there, and I hadn’t been to the beach in ages, so we thought it would be the perfect day out, as well as an opportunity to take tonnes of photos.

We spent the first part of the day wandering around the station market that was on. It is crazy to see how much stuff people have and how much stuff they think that people would actually buy. The market was kind of half car boot sale and half lovely little stalls.

After that we walked into the town, stopping at a restaurant called Lola Jeans, for lunch. This place does amazing burger and also some very girly mocktails, that Tom found out about when his drink had flowers and potpourri in it. He pretended it was mine.

Lunch was completed with an ice cream and a walk down toward the beach and the castle. We climbed along the cliff side to get some photos, living life quite literally on the edge. The scenery was stunning, the cliffs and the sea.

I had such a lovely day with Tom, it was so nice to spend some quality time together that doesn’t include talking through a screen to each other. We finished the day with coffee at this beautiful little cafe called Dill and the Bear, a lovely little relaxing spot before the journey home.

Before I left we spent another day just wandering around the town centre doing a bit of shopping and having coffee and food, our favourite past times. Newcastle is one of those places where you can go out without a plan and have an amazing day because there is always something to do. It’s great for spontaneous people like we are, we never like to set a plan, just in case we see other things to do instead.

I love going to visit, and it will always remain a special place for us. I hope to explore even more of it next time I stay.

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