Keeping Diaries

The first diary I had was bought for me by my Dad, in 2007. It’s this gorgeous floral notebook with a magnetic cover that now spans across 9 years of my life. That summer I wrote in it every day, recording all of the exciting events of 10 year old Laura. I loved keeping a diary, thinking that I was the best writer ever. But the novelty soon wore off, and like all kids do, I got bored. The entries got further and further apart, and instead of every day, they became every month. Some entries are almost years apart. I didn’t really have the motivation for journalling back then.

But I am grateful to my cringey, younger self, as I love reading back over these entries and remembering all the things I’ve done with my friends and family. Once you get past all of the embarrassing, pre-teen dramas, it actually contains some lovely memories. And that’s why I still try to update this diary every few months, to keep record of everything I’ve done.

I do keep more regular diaries as well. My main one being my gorgeous Ted Baker journal that Tom bought for me for Christmas. For me, it is just such a relaxing process of writing everything down, clearing my head. I like to have something to vent in, and to include memories and amazing moments that I might otherwise forget. Writing in diaries is something that I think a lot of people tend to grow out of when they’re young, and never try to get back into it again. But as I’m doing my writing degree, I think its even more important to me, always giving me some writing practice.

All my diaries have different purposes. I have ones that are writers journals, which I use for if I ever have any creative ideas. Their good for keeping track of ideas and reflecting back on my past work and inspirations.

I have some other notebooks and journals that I have tried to use as art journals. It’s something I have always wanted to get into but I’m not the most creative or brilliant at art. I more just try to doodle things or use it for calligraphy practice. I also have my blog journal which I use to write up all my post inspiration.

I always love looking at journal blogs and seeing the different ways in which people journal and create these beautiful pages. There is no right or wrong way to do it, journalling is a completely independent process.

I would fully recommend keeping a diary, even if you only write little notes or just keep track of dates with it. You’ll want to look back at it, like you would a photo album, and be told by your past self about lots of amazing memories. You can see yourself grow as a person and as a writer.

These are couple of my favourite journal blogs that have beautiful pictures and also run monthly journal challenges with different prompts every day, if you get stuck about what to write about.

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