Easter Away From Home

Easter isn’t something my family usually celebrates, but it is usually a time when we all get together and have dinner, or go out, and of course eat lots of chocolate. The advantage of the long weekend also means that it gives me a chance to visit all of my family in one weekend. But this year I unfortunately had to miss all of that, due to university and work.


It was weird to know that everyone else was at home with their families, celebrating the holiday, especially when I was getting pictures sent to me from my sister, of all the family together. My Easter weekend was not nearly as festive as theirs. Working over the weekend wasn’t actually as stressful and busy as I thought it was going to be. The pub I work at had suffered some plumbing issues on Good Friday, meaning that they had to close early. This also meant that we weren’t too busy for the rest of the weekend, due to people maybe thinking we were still closed.

I was glad to be working, the festivities in the pub made it feel more like Easter, with daffodils decorating the bar, and a stash of mini eggs behind it. My manager always tries to make us feel at home and made little Easter treat bags for all of us, meaning that I didn’t have to go without chocolate.

I wish I could have been at home and participated in the usual egg hunts and chocolate eating, but I was glad to be with my work family, and looked after so well by my manager. It is always hard to be away from home on occasions like this, when you know that everyone else is having a lovely time without you. But it makes it so much better when you finally do go home and you get to relive all the celebrations. So my first year at university is almost done, the countdown has finally started to when I can go home, and I can’t wait!


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