It’s the Taking Part That Counts

At my University I am lucky enough to be able to be a part of the University Dance Squad. Dance is something I have always loved and have done for years, so going to university I was really eager to join any kind of dance thing that I could. I have now spent a year with my squad and we have had the best time and are all such good friends. We have become like a little family and it’s amazing to have that kind of support when I’m away from home.

This year we have done a few shows at the university, including a Christmas showcase, as well as competing in two competitions recently. Competitions are something that I have never done before and was so excited to be a part of. In our first competition we competed in two categories but didn’t win anything. It was kind of sad to see the lack of enthusiasm and support we received after we’ve cheered for everyone else. But in the second competition we placed 3rd for contemporary and were over the moon with that!

Throughout these competitions I have learnt that it really isn’t all about winning. As a small university, we never really get a look in, against all of the bigger squads. But even though we may be overlooked, these competitions have been a great experience for us and we have really bonded as a squad. It makes me feel so happy to be a part of something and to have a great little set of friends.

But we will continue to show our team spirit and will continue to take part, because winning isn’t everything, and I am just happy to spend time with my amazing team.

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