This week I have lost my way a bit with my posts and haven’t managed to keep up with my regular updates, so firstly, I am sorry for not being able to post. I have failed this week. But I do have a good excuse. I have been at home for my Easter break and there has been so much going on that I have barely had 10 minutes alone with my laptop to write a post. 

It was so lovely to be at home again. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed it and it didn’t take long to get back into my old life, even though it was a bit of a chaotic week. I didn’t actually spend much time at home because I was so busy trying to see all of my friends and family in the short time that I was home. I also had to fit in two major birthday celebrations in my family, but I was so happy to be able to be a part of them.

For two days, I went with my boyfriend his family, to an indoor ski center in Milton Keynes, to celebrate his 21st birthday. His birthday isn’t actually until this weekend but the trip to Snow Zone was his present from his parents. The center was incredible! We had all skied before, and quickly got back into it. The slopes were in this massive room, which was like a big freezer, and the snow was all real. I don’t really know how they do it but it was so much fun and a much cheaper alternative to a ski holiday. We also had a day of shopping whilst we were there, as well as going out to eat at this incredible steak house. Whilst celebrating his birthday, on that day it was also our two year anniversary, so we managed to celebrate both at the same time.

After all of that excitement, I then got to celebrate my Auntie’s 50th birthday. My cousin had done an amazing job of organising a surprise party for her, at this lovely pub in town. My Auntie doesn’t like parties so instead of all jumping out to say surprise, it was more of a secret gathering of all of her friends and family who could come and go as they pleased. I loved being a part of it as I had missed a few things like this because of being away from home, so it was so lovely to be back with everyone.

With all the celebrations and events I have felt a bit rushed off my feet but I am trying to fit everything into such a short space of time. This week I have been back in Winchester, working full time to get some money before I go to Newcastle tomorrow. On Sunday it is my boyfriends 21st and we are spending the weekend in Edinburgh so I can’t wait to write a travel post next week!

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