April Monthtage

I have decided to add a new feature to my blog and am going to start writing a ‘favourites’ post, including all of the different things I have been loving each month. So this is going to be a kind of montage of the things I have loved this April. 

This month has been a month of going back and forth between home, university, Newcastle and even Edinburgh. With all the train journeys and travelling I have been loving my kindle paperwhite, reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I have had a kindle for a few years now and upgraded to a paperwhite last Christmas, and have been loving it ever since. I am half way through Me Before You, although I have been reading it for quite a while now, I haven’t had much time to read this month so I have been grateful for my kindle on all these long journeys.

Towards the end of the month I upgraded my phone to the gold Iphone 6s and have been loving all the new features and having more memory on my phone, as I had filled up my old Iphone 5c with pictures and stuff. I went with the gold colour over the rose gold one because the rose gold was too pink for me. As well as loving my phone, I decided to pimp it out, and treated myself to a new phone case from Casetify. Usually I am not the kind of person to buy expensive phone cases, not wanting to spend over £3 on one. But because I now had this shiny, gorgeous new phone, I wanted to keep it safe. This phone case is exceptional and worth the money. It protects your phone and you can also change the design in them without having to buy a whole new case. You can buy interchangeable backs for the case, choosing from thousands of designs, or your own personal creation. I am in love with the three cases I bought, a daisy print, a rose gold glitter print and a marble print. I don’t ever have to worry about dropping my phone as it is extremely durable but also very slim and lightweight. Definitely worth the money.

As well as a new phone this month I have also been lucky enough to have been bought a new Michael Kors handbag, as an anniversary present from my boyfriend. I had my eye on this bag since before Christmas and had desperately wanted it to be in my life! It is a great bag, perfect size for if you are just going out for the day and don’t want something too big that will get in the way. I know it’s expensive but it will last me years and we all need to indulge in designer stuff every now and then.

The last thing I am going to talk about this month is a CD, Adele’s 25. I bought the album at the start at the month and have been playing it on loop ever since. I haven’t always been a massive Adele fan. I liked a few of her songs and thought she was an amazing singer, but I am in love with this album! The writing is incredible and her voice is beautiful. A lot of people think her music is really depressing but I think it’s extremely uplifting. I mean, what better way to lift your spirits than to belt out Adele’s lyrics at the top of your voice, pretending you are the greatest singer in the world. It’s what I look for in an album.

There were so many more things that I would have loved to put into this monthtage, but some of them will probably crossover into next month, so look out for more posts like this!

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