Moving Out

My first year of uni is up and I have been spending this week sorting out all of my things and packing up my lovely little room. I had so much more stuff than I thought. I have had such a good time living in halls, although I am really excited to move into my new flat. Uni halls are great because they are close to the uni and most of the people who I met in first year, all lived in one area so you would see them all of the time. 

But as fun as halls were I will not miss the fire alarms going off at 3 in the morning, due to drunk cooking; or the random room checks; or the weird smell of the place. I’m excited to live in a proper flat, that we will be able to make more homely and it will feel like our own. I am moving in with one of my flat mates from this year and our other friend. Its going to be so much easier to share with two people rather than four.

I had never realised how much stuff I owned, especially as I had already taken a whole car load of stuff home with me a few months ago. Packing everything up has made me realise that I need to have a massive clear out of my stuff, because there were so many things that I had taken with me that I did not use. When I had taken it all up in the first place, I hadn’t known what to take or what I even needed at uni so I kind of just took everything! My mum had also packed me up with enough pots and pans to cater a small village. I’m going to miss my room! It all looked so bare and horrible with all of decorations and pictures taken down.

For the meantime in between moving out and moving into my new place, all of my stuff is in boxes crowding my room at home. Unpacking is the worst thing ever! I’m going to have to dedicate a couple of days to sorting everything out and making sure that I have everything I need ready for next year.

But for now I am just enjoying being at home and not having to worry about uni and work and halls.

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