I had heard of ‘Cat Cafes’ before but hadn’t ever come across one on my travels. This week in Newcastle we decided to visit CatPawCino, which is a cat cafe, along the Quayside. I am in love with the name of this place, I love puns in names! We had walked past this place a bunch of times and hadn’t realised what it was. It’s quite a small place and not that noticeable along the main street, but if you are ever along the Newcastle Quayside, make sure you stop by! 

The cafe is a gorgeous, quaint little room, filled with lots of different sofas and chairs and these cat climbing towers, and of course, cats! It’s such a calming thing to sit and have lunch among these furry friends. There is a £5 entry fee per person, but you get a soft drink, or tea and coffee included in that price. Some people get put off by the entry fee, but if you go to Costa or Starbucks for a drink, that would cost the best part of a fiver, so for me I’d prefer spending that to be in the adorable presence of fluffy kitty’s.

As well as a range of teas and coffees, the cafe also did a range of sandwiches and toasties, and a selection of yummy cakes. The people who ran the cafe were really friendly and welcoming and they gave us cat treats to give to the cats. Some of them weren’t really fussed by the people around, they just slept curled up in little corners, but most of them were extremely sociable and even tried to jump up on the tables to try to get to our food.

There were lots of cat toys and things that you could use to play with the cats, as well as the treats and food. It kind of felt weird that we were so amazed by these cats and took loads of photos and it was all so exciting. I guess it was just like if you had gone and had a coffee round a friends house who has cats, which wouldn’t be half as exciting. But for some reason this was like a completely surreal experience.

I wish cat cafes were more popular or that there was one closer to me. It was such a lovely relaxing place, and I could sit there all day.

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