May Monthtage

This month the weather has finally started to get warmer and so my favourites mainly include some a few things that have helped me to feel a bit more summery and ready for the sunshine.

As I am a pasty, pale thing throughout the year, by the time the sun comes out, people usually need to wear sunglasses around me so that they are not blinded by my white legs. So this month when it started to brighten up I got out the gradual tan. Now, I am never very successful with fake tan, as I am just too pale for it to look nice and natural, so I always stay well away. However, gradual tan was my best friend this month. The one I have been loving is the Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion in the shade medium to dark. Sometimes, if I’m extra pale, I will start off using the fair to medium shade and then go darker, but this month I’ve just been slapping the stuff on to try to appear more human than vampire. But anyway, each year I still love this product. It’s the perfect thing if you are pale like me and are scared of fake tan, because its light, and just gives a gorgeous natural glow to your skin.

Aviary Photo_131099521558019352.png

Some must haves this month have been my lace bralettes from Urban Outfitters. These bras are the comfiest things I have ever worn. I wear them so much, I don’t even like wearing normal bras anymore! I have three in my growing collection; two halter neck fits and one bandeau style one. I had always stayed away from bralette type bras, thinking that they would never fit me right, but I decided to try these out and I am so happy I did. They are so soft and just feel relaxing and comfortable, as well as being really pretty. I went for the halter neck styles because I like the fact that you can see them poking out of tops, and it adds a bit of colour, or something interesting to a plain look. So far this month they have been perfect in the warmer weather, underneath pretty strappy tops. I am hoping to get some more the next time I am in Urban Outfitters. They are a good price, around £18-£22 each, and you can get student discount on them!

Another skincare product I have been using non stop this month is sudocrem. I know this seems like a weird skincare product but I know quite a lot of people who use this in their daily routine, for spots of redness on their skin. So I thought I would try it out, and I have to say I am very impressed. I have never had much luck with any kind of spot treatment, but I put this on overnight and I could straight away see that it had worked. I am really liking it and would recommend it to anyone trying to tame their redness and spots.

Aviary Photo_131099521821472360.png

A slightly different favourite this month is actually on the social media side. I have been completely obsessed with Instagram this month. I know it is stupid to get so attached to an app and to spend too much time on social media, but I can’t help it! I have been trying to keep up to date with my new Instagram for Life of Laura. I have really been loving posting new images, and replying to comments and discovering tonnes of wonderful accounts and bloggers. It is so much more of a social thing than I ever thought, so I’ve been trying to get stuck in to it. I post a lot more often on Instagram and include a little bit about what I do on the day to day, so if you like my pictures on here then go check out my Instagram for more! There is a current feed on the sidebar of my blog, but I will also link it below.


@lifeoflaura_ on Instagram




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