Work Experience

I know I’m not in Year 10 anymore and I should, in theory, be a full functioning adult who is at uni and has a summer job. But of course that’s not the case, nor will it probably ever be. This week I have tried to embrace adult life, by taking a leaf out of my high school self’s book, and getting myself some work experience.

For three days this week I have been working with a PR and Marketing company near where I live, in an attempt to have a go at adult life and see what it would be like, if I wanted to go into that kind of job after uni. At some point in my life I will probably have an office job, as I don’t imagine being able to stay at home writing all day, straight from uni. So I thought it would probably be a good idea to give it a go!


I have to say I really enjoyed myself! Everyone in the office was so lovely and helped me out with everything I needed. They didn’t just put me in the back to make teas and coffees and answer phones, like most places probably would for work experience people. They gave me tasks to do, people to ring up…so some important and scary stuff. Although I did feel a bit sick at the thought of calling up people and pretending I worked for the company and knew exactly what I was talking about. I hoped no one saw right through me.

I even got the chance to write an editorial for one of their clients, to go alongside their new advert. I had to research, and call people up and try to fit my writing into the company’s style. It was a great challenge to get back into that writing mindset, especially for something that is not overly exciting, like an advert for furniture. It was cool to see how the company makes boring things seem wonderful.

I think the best part about it was being able to dress up in fancy, office attire and prance around looking pretty. I loved having the opportunity to dress up in stuff that I would never usually wear day-to-day, even if I did have to borrow some of my mum’s stuff. By the end of my next week I should have mastered the office chic look.

I loved the whole experience and they seemed to like me, as they have invited me to go back in a few weeks. So it seems that everyone’s a winner!

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