What we did in Portsmouth

This week, my mum and my sister and I took a day trip down to Portsmouth. I had only briefly been there once before, and they hadn’t been at all so we were excited to explore around and do as many things as we could in a day!

We got up really early and travelled down from Winchester to make it to Portsmouth in time for the University Open Day, as my sister is now starting to look at where she might want to go next year. We went to the relevant talks, and looked around most of the accommodation blocks, and got quite lost in the city along the way. I loved the look of the uni, and how it was spread out amongst the town. Being at a campus uni myself, I’m used to everything being in one place, but I actually really liked to layout at Portsmouth, and how even though all the buildings were spread out, they were still close together and an easy walking distance.

After going around the uni, we drove down to Southsea beach for some fish and chips in the sunshine! It was lovely to look along the pier and lay in the sun for a bit, and attempt to take lots of lovely photos that just completely failed. Turns out we are not quite the amazing photographers that we pretend to be, but it’s more fun that way. We’re good at laughing at ourselves and our silliness. We walked along the beach, before heading back along the coast to Gunwharf Quays for a bit of shopping. Gunwharf is filled with loads of designer outlet shops, so we had fun trying to spot some bargains within all of the expensive items that our purses couldn’t quite stretch to. It was torture to walk away from the Michael Kors shop without taking something pretty with me.

When we were bored of not being able to afford anything, we sat down along the harbour, for a drink at All Bar One and got scorched in the sun. It was only a quick drink before we had to go and pick Tom up from the station, as he was meeting us for dinner after work. For dinner we ended up in Wagamama as it is mine and my sister’s favourite and we don’t have one at home. We both still have the exact same thing every time we’re there – Katsu Curry, what else? It’s just too yummy to not have. I made everyone sit outside on the balcony, as it had a gorgeous view over the harbour, so the waitress brought out these blankets so we wouldn’t get cold. But Tom and I were still freezing as they only had two blankets which the others stole from us.

We finished our fun filled day with drinks at the Slug and Lettuce, before heading back to Winchester to watch Gossip Girl in our PJ’s. Perfect end to an amazing day, with my favourite people. I love having these little trips out with my family. They never fail to make me laugh and have the time of my life!

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