June Monthtage

Firstly I want to apologise for the lateness of this post. It was supposed to go out a lot earlier, but I have had no Wifi this week so couldn’t complete it until now. So I am sorry that it’s midway through July, and I’m posting a June Monthtage – although it wasn’t my fault! But besides the internet problems, is it just me or has June flown by so quickly? It’s like I blinked and it’s now July. My disbelief for the fact that it is now July, is probably another reason why this post is late up. This year is going way too quickly for my liking. But anyway, even though June has been a bit of a blur, I still have a few things that I couldn’t have lived without this month.

With the rise in temperature (only slightly in England) I have been trying to look as summery as possible, whilst battling with my paleness. In my last Monthtage I talked about the Dove Gradual Tanning lotion, which I have still been using to death this month. So alongside this I have been relying on my Anastasia Contour kit, to give my face a more bronzed look that hopefully matches my gradually tanned body! This kit was given to me as a birthday present back in January and I have been using it non stop ever since. This month I have been using more of it as a bronzer, alongside contouring, to give a sun kissed look to my skin. It is a beautiful product that lasts all day and gives a gorgeous natural finish. I have been pairing this with my Nars duo of bronzer and blusher (in shades Laguna and Orgasm) to finish off my summery make up look.

As you can probably tell by some of my Instagram photos I have been loving a particular pair of pumps this month. With the weather being nicer I have been wearing these black, strap up shoes almost everyday as they seem to complement every outfit I own and are extremely comfortable! These little beauties are actually from Primark and cost me the grand total of £6. Such a bargain, it makes me love them even more. Even with wearing them to death this month, and being very cheap, they have lasted surprisingly well and are still going strong today. Yes, I am wearing them whilst writing this. I think these also come in either a grey or khaki colour, but black shoes are always a must for me.

This next favourite has previously featured in another one of my posts, and it is my smoothie maker. My breakfast almost everyday this month has consisted of a delicious smoothie, made from either blackberries and strawberries, or banana and mango. They are so yummy and provide a great alternative to cereal or toast in the hotter weather. I have also tried using an ice lolly mould, and freezing some different smoothie flavours to make some tasty treats.


June has been quite a busy month for me and I couldn’t have got through it without my diary. I am rubbish at remembering stuff, and if I don’t keep track of what I’m doing I end up double booking myself, and basically just being completely unreliable. My diary saves me from this! I bought this from Paperchase last year and have since bought numerous amounts of inserts and stickers and all sorts, to customise it. In it I keep a notes section, a to-do list, a diary layout, post-it notes to use as reminders, and some pictures and other little bits of memorabilia from my life. It is a handy little size that fits perfectly in my bag, and even has a little pen holder. I don’t work well with trying to use the calendar on my phone, so if you’re like me and like to have everything written down properly, then I fully recommend getting one of these!

Aviary Photo_131127112329355948

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