Cafe in the Clouds

What a better way to spend a day in Portsmouth than to look over at the whole thing from very, very high up! At the end of my week exploring around Southsea, Jess, my wonderful friend/sister from uni, came to visit me and I got the chance to take her to the Spinnaker Tower. I’ve been visiting lots of different places across Portsmouth and Southsea this week and this was the last one on my list.

You can see the tower at a distance, sticking out over the tops of buildings, from most places in Southsea and Portsmouth, meaning that it is very, very tall, and has some amazing views. Jess arrived Friday morning and we walked down to Gunwharf, ready to go up the tower. Getting in the enclosed lift, you can’t see out anywhere and you have no feeling of how fast the lift is travelling, or how high up you are. Stepping out of the lift, the vertigo hit me and I felt like I wanted to just lay on the floor and ground myself a bit. We were so high up and all of the windows made you feel like you were right on the edge of the tower.

Being the avid photographers that we are, Jess and I spent an extremely long time, walking around the first viewing deck and taking more pictures and videos than you can imagine! I think we probably covered every angle that the eye could see, clogging our memory cards with selfies in the clouds. As well as wall to wall windows, the viewing deck also had a glass floor, that you could walk over, looking 105 meters down to the pavement. So of course that provided an optimum photo opportunity, whilst simultaneously being scared senseless of falling through the glass. The whole thing was an extremely exhilarating experience.

After we managed to tear ourselves away from our cameras, we made our way to view deck 2, to the Cafe in the Clouds. This is probably the coolest cafe I have ever been to. I mean, its in the clouds! How could anyone not find that amazing. We sat looking out over the harbour with our pots of tea, and scones and cakes, like true Brits. Tea and cake will always be my favourite, so I loved being able to share it with my wonderful friend, in a place where I am definitely not classy enough to be in. The rest of our girly day together was spent with cocktails at Tiger Tiger and then a yummy Wagamama’s, before having a little dance, out on the town.

I am so blessed to always be in the company of such amazing friends, who will follow me all over the country to just have a day of adventures.

If you are a fan of my blog and want to read more stuff like mine, then please go have a look at Jess’ page, Jess the Mermaid, for more adventures, and give it some love from me! x

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