Puppy’s First Birthday

Those of you who follow my Instagram, you have probably seen some pictures of my gorgeous little puppy, Daisy. She is a cross between a wire haired and smooth Dachshund, and she is now one years old! I have been meaning to write a Puppy post about her since we got her, but I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about our experience with her and how we have got on in the last year.


My sister and I had wanted a dog since we were little and, like every other child, we always asked/begged for one. But Mum never wanted one. That was until I left for University and Mum just couldn’t seem to fill the hole I had left in her heart. It was like I had died or something. About a month later we bought Daisy. Everyone had thought Mum had gone crazy, especially because she doesn’t even like dogs. But we didn’t care! I was so excited and happy, even though I was annoyed that she had waited until after I left home to get a dog that I had wanted all my life. Though it does give me another excuse to visit home.

Of course, like us, anyone who gets a puppy for the first time is going to be completely clueless, so hopefully other puppy owners might relate to my experiences. When we got her she was the cutest little thing I had ever seen and we all instantly fell in love with her. She spent the whole time following us round the house or trying to chew our toes off. Little puppy teeth are like tiny knives! That was our first problem with her. She just tried to nibble you all of the time and you couldn’t get her to stop. We had a little puppy pen to start with, which she went in if she was being naughty. House training her really wasn’t that much of an issue. She got the hang of it pretty quickly, even though she did pee on our rug a few times.

The first walk we took her on she just sat down every time a car went past. She didn’t really understand it but after a few attempts she was soon running along. We started to try to let her off the lead in an enclosed space, see how she was. To start with she was really good and came back to us when we called, but as she got a bit older, her stubborn personality kicked in and then she started to run off. She still isn’t very reliable off the lead, but she stays with us when we walk and will come back to us 9 times out of 10. So she’s getting there! Now our main issue is the barking. She will just stand in the garden and bark constantly at nothing. We’ve tried water pistols and these special aerosol cans to try to get her to stop. At the moment we are using this special collar that makes either a noise or vibration when she barks. It’s kind of working but she is still very barky.

But when you have a cute little puppy there is not much they can do wrong; just one look at that face and she is forgiven! I have loved seeing her grow up and seeing her little personality develop. Having a dog is such a comfort, just being around her always makes me feel happy and I now can’t imagine not having her. When I’m at home I never get anything done because I just want to play with her all of the time. I love how excited she gets when we return home and how she has a favourite toy that she plays with. Food wise she will eat pretty much anything and will sit at your feet while you’re eating to try and get something out of you.

For her birthday we took her to a ‘Dog Spa’ where she was groomed and pampered for 2 hours, before taking her to the pub to sit in the beer garden and eat crisps. We also bought her a bone that said ‘Happy Birthday’ on it, and got her a new hot dog toy, because she is a sausage dog after all!

She has become such a lovely edition to the family and gives us loads of excuses to get outside and take little day trips to lots of different places with her. I don’t want her to grow up any more, I want her to stay a puppy forever. We’ll just have to try to convince Mum to get another one!

7 thoughts on “Puppy’s First Birthday

  1. OMG!! Daisy is so so SO cute. I’ve wanted a dog for so long but I can’t get one because it would be left in the house alone for too long, which is devastating. Major puppy envy right now. Loved this post and love the presents you got for her birthday, adorable! Especially the hot dog!! Jess xx


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    1. I know!!! She actually makes my heart melt every time I see her! My mum works from home most days so it works out pretty well for us, I hate leaving her for any amount of time really. Thank you so much! She loved them all too xx


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