Yummy Summer Eton Mess

Something a little bit different on the blog today, a recipe! Yes, I can cook, although this is actually my Mum’s creation, not mine, and it doesn’t actually involve any cooking. The perfect accompaniment to any summer dish, the classically yummy eton mess! When you are having a lovely family BBQ and you’ve eaten your weight in burgers, sausages, pasta, crisps and chicken, you can hardly even think about dessert. But even if you are full to the brim, this tasty dish is light and fruity enough that you will still be able to enjoy it after the mountains of food!

My mum made this dessert for a family BBQ we hosted the other weekend. Usually she isn’t really a dessert person, let alone a Mum who enjoys baking or making desserts, so it’s always a treat when she gets the cookbook out. This was an easy recipe after all; no cooking, just a lot of mixing and crushing and whisking.

What you’ll need:

  • 500g strawberries
  • 400ml double cream
  • 3 meringue nests

This recipe creates quite a large portion, probably enough for 5-6 people. I was eating ours for days afterwards, but it was still as yummy as ever.

Firstly, prepare your strawberries by washing them, chopping the leaves off and cutting them into little, bitesized pieces. Take half the strawberries and puree them into a kind of paste. If you don’t have anything to puree them with then you can use a bowl and a fork to mash them up. Leave the other half of the strawberries chopped.

Then whip the cream until it forms really stiff peaks, you don’t want it to be at all runny. After that, break up the meringue nests into little pieces.


And that is all there is to it! Stir everything together and then put it into a pretty serving dish. Ours was £20 from Next, and has this gorgeous rainbow effect on the glass that looked so pretty in the sun. You can also use more meringues and strawberries to decorate the top.


Such an easy summer dessert, so thank you Mumma for this recipe. Maybe I’ll include this as a whole new section on my blog. Life of Laura can cook… kinda.

One thought on “Yummy Summer Eton Mess

  1. So glad you liked my dessert my Laura! Yes I think you should defo add a new recipe section on your blog – mumma bear xxx


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