Calling all Lazy Bloggers

You guys know better than anyone that I’m not the best at regular posting. I did have a pretty good run at having scheduled days a few months back and I actually did really well to post twice a week, but it kinda went downhill. I do alright at posting content but I will admit to being completely lazy at times. Which is allowed, but I would like to get better.

So, lucky for me, I came across a wonderful little project by Jess from Almost Chic , Katie from Beautiful Earful and Ella from WhimsicElla, called #LazyBlogging. The girls have started a sort of motivational campaign to help themselves, and others, to post more content and create a community for all the lazy bloggers out there!

I absolutely loved this idea and wanted to get involved, thinking that it would help me to get back on track with my posts and help to get to know other Lazy Bloggers like myself. The girls have so far done really well with their daily blogging challenge and I have loved keeping up to date with everything via their blogs and their twitter page. Their motivation has really inspired me and seeing all of the lovely content helps me come up with ideas for my own site.

I have also been invited by the girls to be a member of their Lazy Blogging Group Board on Pinterest, where myself and other bloggers can post pins of our own work and posts for everyone else to read and enjoy.

00000000Well done girls for creating this wonderful idea and thank you for letting me be a part of it. Please go have a look at their blogs, linked above, and also the Twitter and Pinterest pages, if you like bloggers, blogging and general laziness like me!


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