My First Published Article – Strong Island

A little while ago I started a very exciting project with a company called Strong Island. They are based in Southsea and they have a website that tells you all about lots of different things going on in Portsmouth and Southsea. They also have their own clothing shop based in Southsea. I was recently given the opportunity to work with the editor of Strong Island‘s site, to create an article all about the different things there are to do in Portsmouth and Southsea.

Having never visited before, we decided that it would be good for me to write a sort of first impressions style article about a few places of my choosing. Strong Island prides themselves on bringing the quirky places to the public eye, celebrating all the little things that trip advisor might have missed.

It has been quite a while in the making but I am now pleased to announce that my first ever official article has been published on their site, for all your viewing pleasure! Places to Explore on your first visit to SouthseaI had so much fun writing the article and visiting all these amazing places, as well as having a good go with my camera. You all know how I love my photos.

I have linked my proud work below, so please, please go have a look at what I hope will be the first of many published articles!


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