What we did in Italy

This years summer holiday was to the beautiful countryside of Italy. My family and I have been to Italy a couple of times but this year we ventured to a slightly different area than usual. We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse, about a half an hour drive from the town of Perugia. We had an early flight in, which meant that we had another half a day at our beautiful house. After maneuvering through some very scary roads, way up in the hills, we arrived at the farmhouse, greeted by its owner who had already stocked the kitchen with food and lots of wine!


After a quick tour of the house we quickly settled into our sunbeds and practically didn’t move for 10 days. We had a gorgeous infinity pool that was set looking over the house and all the fields and hills below. The owner of the house had his own on-site vineyard, so we were never short of some very high percentage white wine. The rest of the property  was surrounded by fig trees, grapevines and olive trees, all of which we could pick and eat if we wished.

For the first few days we just relaxed and slobbed around, enjoying being away from home. The only time we weren’t on our sunbeds was when we needed food or to cool down in the pool. I managed to not get sun burnt the whole time we were there and my nails were still all on by the end of the holiday, and that is an achievement! I also caught up on a lot of reading so there will hopefully be a few Book Talk posts up soon.


On one of the afternoons we managed to peel ourselves away from the pool and take a little trip to Todi. The little town is placed on a huge hillside with spectacular views of the countryside. We walked around the town, taking pictures of every quaint building and cutesy alleyway. All the cobbles and flowers were so picturesque. We hunted for a little ice cream shop that had a gorgeous little courtyard to sit in whilst we ate. I loved all of the houses and little streets but I could never imagine being able to live somewhere like that. The amount of shops and little roads and houses all stacked on top of each other. You could easily get lost walking around all the paths, it was like a weird little maze of buildings.


Towards the end of our first week the rest of our holiday crew arrived and we celebrated by eating our weight in spaghetti and meatballs. When in Rome, eh? That was then followed by more wine, limoncello and introducing our family to Cards Against Humanity, which was quite the experience. I now know that my Dad is the most immature person I know! We continued our holiday with more wine, more food, and heaps of sun cream, before we felt brave enough to venture out again. We drove about 5 minutes down the road to the next town, for dinner one evening, to a restaurant that didn’t have a menu! Instead the chef went out and bought all the food he wanted to cook each day and you would get what you were given. After conferring in a confusing mix of Italian and English, with me only understanding ‘vino’ and just nodding along excitedly, we managed to order a range of pasta, breads and meats.



We only ventured out one more time that week, back to Todi for lunch at this beautiful pizzeria that looked out over all the hills and countryside. The food was gorgeous, and so cheap as well. We finished the day with more ice cream at our favourite little parlour before heading back to our beloved sun loungers. The weather took a bit of a turn on our last day, giving us thunder and lightening storms instead of beautiful sunshine but we couldn’t really complain after the amazing weather we had.




Italy is such a beautiful place and I have always had an amazing time there with my family. Hopefully I will get to go back again many more times! What I would do to be back there right now.

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