Back to Uni!

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, apologies, but I had been getting ready to move back to Winchester to start my second year of uni! It is extremely scary how fast this last year has gone. I already don’t want uni to ever end. Ever! I want to stay here and be a student forever and ever. Everything seems to be moving too fast for my liking.

Even though I had been itching to get back to uni for most of the summer, saying goodbye to everyone (especially my mum, and my gorgeous puppy) seemed a lot harder this time round. I think I had gotten so settled at home and into my old routine that uni life just seemed like this far away land that I once was a part of. I loved being at home with everyone but I was so so so ready to get back to my uni life. And after a busy couple of weeks of goodbyes and packing and sorting stuff out, I am now finally back in my beloved Winch, in my new lovely little flat.

Since being back I spent most of the first couple of days sorting out my room and raiding IKEA for furniture and cutesy little nik-naks. Mum came to stay when she dropped me off, because she just loves being a student for the night. Who doesn’t? My room is now looking so so beautiful and organised and I am beyond happy with my flat. I will be posting a sort of room tour, showing how I’ve decorated and made the most of my little flat.


Of course, being back at uni means freshers week, although I haven’t actually stepped foot in the SU yet. In true, mature, second year nature, I have been behaving like a complete fresher, going out all the time and not getting nearly enough sleep, which I am paying the price for now. I got to party with all of my wonderful friends and got back into the studio for dance squad with our new freshers!  It feels so good to be dancing again and to be back with my favourite ladies, drinking, dancing, cooking, going out for coffee and of course, having movie nights.

It’s only been a couple of weeks but I am already having the best second year, and I can’t wait to share this time with my wonderful girls and to have many amazing adventures!

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