Room Tour – How I’ve decorated my Uni Room

It always takes a bit of getting used to when you move to a new place. Getting everything unpacked and decorated and making things look how you want them to. After being back at uni for almost a month my room is finally finished and pretty and everything looks beautiful and cosy! I had been so excited to move out of halls and have my own space where I wasn’t going to be interrupted by fire alarms or cleaners or inspections. A place where I could feel more at home, and that is exactly what I have at my new flat.


Decorating my room was a bit of a challenge. Mostly because it is really small, with not a lot of space for storage, which would have been a problem because I have so many things! I had to think of different ways I could create more storage space in a very small room and how I could decorate it and still stick to the rules of the flat – like not putting holes in the walls. Storage was the first thing on my list. Mum and I took a trip to IKEA when I first moved in and I bought a freestanding bookcase, a desk shelf and another smaller bookcase. With my main bookcase I managed to fit it at the side of my room and I have put all my books and DVD’s and notebooks on it. I also found these fabric baskets to go with it that are super handy for just putting loads of random things in that would usually clutter my shelves. Now they are hidden away behind these pretty little boxes! And of course I had to add fairy lights and polaroids.


I was so happy I found this little desk shelf as it fits perfectly in the space next to my bookcase and is still small enough that I still have plenty of room on my desk. On these shelves I have got my set of stationary holders, some ornaments and photos, and my own DIY makeup station. The little white buckets are actually plant holders from IKEA and I just bought a big vase from there as well, to hold all of my makeup brushes and other bits and pieces.


Behind my desk shelf is my pin board. This came with the room and was already screwed onto the wall so I didn’t need to worry about getting one myself. My uni room last year had a huge board across one wall and I had so much fun decorating it and putting up all my pictures – you can see how I decorated that one here. But this one is a lot smaller, so I haven’t wanted to clutter it up so much. I bought these bulb fairy lights from Tiger and two of the little post cards are from Paperchase. I’m sure it will get more cluttered with memories of the year to come but for now I’m pretty happy with it. Along from my pin board I have hung my tassel banner that I made last year, just to add a bit of colour to the bland walls.



My window sill is simply decorated with a few house plants I bought at the end of last year and this giant white peg that doesn’t really have a function. I don’t really know why I bought it. I just liked it. Above my desk I found that there was already a pretty big hook on the wall so I bought this light up mirror from New Look. Their home range is so beautiful! I had always wanted a light up mirror and this one was pretty inexpensive compared to most. With nowhere to put all my shoes and bags, I bought a smaller bookcase that I turned on its side, to create little cubbyholes under my desk for all of my shoes. It also acts as bag storage and a little bedside table.


I had wanted to do something with the wall space above my bed to make that area really cosy, and I found all these pictures on Pinterest of these cascading walls of fairy lights and mesh and was straight away in love with how beautiful they looked. I found these mesh curtains from IKEA and sets of fairy lights from Primark, along with a set of command hooks. If you are in rented accommodation or student halls, command hooks or strips are a must-have! You can hang pictures or posters on your walls and they come off clean and don’t rip the paint. I simply put up the hooks and draped the curtains and lights over them, and I am so happy with how it turned out! It makes the whole room just look so beautiful and cosy. I will admit I felt like a bit of a DIY/interior genius after putting it up.


Another little uni room hack is over the door hooks. You might not have space to hang your coats and accessories in student halls, so these hooks are a life saver! Mine came in a pack of 4 from Primark. The last thing to tackle in my room was the ugly empty space next to my bed. I’m thinking about changing this still but for now, I have just used some white tac to put up my America polaroids that have been with my in all my rooms. Wouldn’t be home without them. After all this decorating I realised I didn’t actually have anywhere for all of my photos. So my friend Ellie created me a photo collage on the end of my wardrobe, so I can look at them from my cosy corner in my bed.


Uni rooms always have lots of rules about decorating but it doesn’t that mean you can’t get creative and turn it into the space you want. It’s hard enough to be away from home, but if you have a beautiful home away from home, then you’re gonna be much happier.

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