The Mid-Semester Slump

I feel quite ashamed at myself for letting myself slack on blogging. It’s bad and I should get back into dedicating more time for it. But I’m not going to dwell too much on that. This is kind of how I think every university student is feeling about life right now. It gets to that stage in the semester where you’ve had the first few weeks of having fun and getting back into a routine, and then the assignments kick in, and the hard work starts.

November should be a happy time of hot chocolates and snuggly socks and getting ready to put all of your Christmas decorations up. But if you’re like me, then everything fun that you do just has that horrible layer of guilt that says “I should be doing work right now.” And before you know it you just go into this complete slump of not doing work because you have no motivation, and not doing anything fun because it makes you feel guilty.

This is the constant battle that every student faces. And instead of trying to work this slump into something creative or productive, I have just let it consume me and ruin my sleep pattern. So, to everyone who is reading this and thinks, yes, this is me, I get you! I fully support your slump and we will get out of it. Don’t let the slump get you down and don’t let it ruin this Christmas build up for you. Because if you do, it will soon be the end of term and you won’t know where the time has gone!


Knowing that the slump would take over, I tried to start Christmas early. My decorations are up, I have a Christmas scented diffuser in my room, and Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album has been on loop on my Spotify for way longer than is necessary. Embracing Christmas in all it’s glory, I went to see the lights get switched on in Winchester. The first proper festive thing I’ve done and it made me feel so much better. I have also shamelessly been wearing my new Christmas jumper – it has Christmas sausage dogs on it, how could I not wear it everyday?


This year has already gone too quickly and I will not let the slump take Christmas away from me!

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