Surprise Weekend

So it turns out I have the best family any one could ask for. This semester of uni has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, both emotionally and physically and I would never be able to get through it without my wonderful family and amazing friends. This has been the longest time I have gone at uni without visiting home and it was getting to the point where I just needed a break and was really home sick.

The other week, I was working on the Sunday, just doing my usual thing, and I walk back out onto the bar to see my Mum and Stepdad walking into the pub. It was the weirdest thing, I couldn’t understand why they were there or what was going on, but my homesickness kicked in and I ran across the room to hug my Mum, whilst crying hysterically. Yes, we got some weird looks from everyone else in the pub but we didn’t care. I didn’t realise how much I had needed my parents until then! When I had finally managed to stop blubbing, I got my parents a drink and sat them down by the fire before my manager came over and told me that I was finishing early so I could have a drink with them. My Mum and my manager had arranged all this months ago, and all my friends had managed to keep it a secret.


We sat and drank in the pub and listened to the acoustic set that we have at the pub on Sundays. I was so happy to see my parents and couldn’t believe that they had come to surprise me! It was their anniversary that day as well so we celebrated that with some prosecco and by requesting sappy love songs from Jude – the musician. We waited for my friend Ellen to finish working and then we all went to Zizzi’s for dinner, before heading up the road to County for more drinks and some amazing drunken karaoke! The best kind of family fun, getting drunk and singing like lunatics.

The next day I met my parents at their hotel for breakfast. They were staying at The Westgate which is this gorgeous little pub and hotel in the town center. After breakfast we took a wander into town, looking at some of the shops and taking lots of pictures along the riverside. We stopped off for cake and tea at my favourite little tea shop, as well as getting snacks from Greggs. I had had such a lovely time with my parents and they had made me really miss home and also realise how much I needed a break, from uni and work and everything. So being the needy child I am, when they had to leave I didn’t want them to go, so I went home with them!




I just needed a bit of time at home, in my own bed, with some lovely cuddles from my puppy! A couple of home cooked meals and puppy cuddles later, I was refreshed and ready to go back to uni. Even though I would have been going home in a couple of weeks, sometimes even a day is too long when you’re feeling homesick. Uni can be really tough, even when you are having a lovely time and don’t want to admit that you miss home and you’ve just had enough. You’ve got to let yourself take breaks where you can and I kind of forgot that this semester. I’m just glad my parents came to remind me before I ran myself into the ground.


I’m just so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that take the time and effort to look after me and make my day.

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