Countdown to Christmas

Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I’m currently writing this post in my overly, in-your-face festive room, next to my mini Christmas tree and my three advent calendars. Excessive doesn’t even cover it. But what is the point of trudging through the year without a massive celebration at the end to celebrate that you made it through another year!

As I get older the things I get excited about for Christmas changes. This year my number one priority is food. I can’t stop thinking about pigs in blankets, cauliflower cheese, mini pies, cheese straws and the bakewell tart that my dad has promised to make me. Yes, a whole one, just for me. This is the kind of behaviour that is only summoned by living away from home and not feeding yourself properly. The thought of being fed obscene amounts while I’m at home is the only thing that got me through the semester. My mum is a feeder, and she has already set aside some treats from her Christmas baking day, for me to take back to uni.


Even though it is truly the most wonderful time of the year, it also is the most stressful few weeks of my life. With uni assignments due in, and with working in hospitality, my build up to Christmas can go from I’m going to wrap myself in tinsel and listen to Michael Bublé whilst inhaling mince pies to oh my god can we just punch Santa in the face already?, really quickly. But somehow, my Christmas spirit keeps me sweet, and I can get through the day without fantasising about strangling a customer with a wreath.

I have managed to go and enjoy lots of festive past times in between uni and work. We hosted a Dance Christmas Showcase at uni with my Winchy Wolves, if you like dance and would like to take a peek you can find the videos from that here. My other parents came to stay for the weekend and we went round the Christmas Market and ate so much food and drank mulled wine. I didn’t quite manage to get them to come ice skating, but I’ll work on it for next year. I loved having them in Winch with me and loved being able to enjoy all the Christmassy things the town had to offer.


My friends and I also started our Christmas celebrations early – hosting a Christmas evening with wine, food (of course) and presents! I am so grateful to all of my friends for being their wonderful selves and for such a lovely evening, away from all the stress. Whats the point of Christmas if you can’t get drunk and sing ABBA songs at the top of your voice whilst wearing a Santa hat?


All in all, while this Semester has been quite honestly a horrible time for me, I am so excited to celebrate Christmas with my family and do all the wonderfully festive things that never fail to make me happy. No matter how old I get, Christmas will always be my favourite.

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