London Fashion Week 2017

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to attend a couple of shows at London Fashion Week, with Backstage Tales. I’ve recently started writing for the online magazine and was actually pretty nervous when I was asked to go along and write an article! I’ve never been a fashion kind of person. I love clothes and tries to keep up with trends but I will never be cool enough to wear all of these weird and wonderful designs.


As you could probably tell, just the thought of being around these fashion-forward people scared the hell out of me! I thought that everyone would be able to tell I was fresh meat, and that they would probably smell my fear. But still, I got over myself and decided to go anyway. My fellow writer, Sophia, and I went up to London on the Friday to watch two shows, which we split between the two of us so we could write an article each.


The first show was by Mark Fast, held at Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall. Queuing up for the show we started to feel out of place, surrounded by all these different weird and wonderful styles that I would never be able to pull off. The show was incredible! It was so exciting to be in that environment and to be involved in something that I had only ever seen on social media.


You can find my article on Mark Fast’s AW 17/18 show HERE

The second show was by Zeynep Kartal and was hosted at the Turkish Embassy, which was probably the fanciest place I had ever been to. If we had felt out of place at the first show we had no idea what was coming for us! The guests were dressed in some pretty swanky outfits, some as smart as full length gowns and heels. But we weren’t going to let that put us off. We gracefully made our way through the house, pausing multiple times to take pictures in every corner of the house. So we didn’t do much to not look like complete tourists, but we got some great pictures!


After having our little photo shoot it was time to actually do what we were there for, look at the pretty outfits and take notes. And oh my, they were stunning! Such a different collection from the first show, these dresses were sophisticated and formal, creating all different kinds of looks.



The whole collection was gorgeous, and you can read all about it HERE, in Sophia’s article.

When the show was over, waiters began to bring out trays of food and wine, so we of course decided to stick around for a little bit, and mingle with the celebs. Literally never thought I would be in a situation like that. The best part was the fact that everyone was looking at us and trying to figure out who we were, as if we were famous! But I of course can’t be around that many gorgeous people without making a slight fool of myself, including blabbering on to one of the girls from TOWIE about how cool that whole place was and how out of place I felt.


I still felt that the day was a complete success and cannot wait to go back again and be able to act like I know what I’m doing! As well as the Mark Fast article I wrote, I was also given the chance to write Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch article, about their showcased designers, which you can read HERE.

Fashion is definitely not my forté but I gave it my best shot and actually found that I enjoyed myself. Well it was a day out with free wine so I couldn’t really complain.

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