Guess Who’s Back

Long time no see, hey? Have no fear, I am still alive! It actually saddened me to see that I hadn’t blogged in 5 months. Not good. I don’t even really have an excuse for it, I just got caught up in assignments at the end of the semester and I’ve been working full time in the pub over the summer ever since. I have had so much I have wanted to share and have wanted to write about but lets face it, I’m super lazy. Then more and more time passed and my poor little corner of the internet was left abandoned. But hopefully for no longer!

Sometimes I find it hard to find the motivation to blog, and to think of content and I hate the laziness in me that stops me from doing the things I love. My site makes me happy and I love looking back at all the things I have done and so I need to get my ducks in a row and get back to it!

I have also missed all of you guys in the wonderful blogging community and I hope you’ll have me back!

Much love x

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