How to Beat Laziness Like a Boss

Hello, Queen of Lazy Procrastination Town here. I know what you’re all thinking. As if I’m going to try to sit here and tell you how to beat your lazy demons when I am the WORST person for being lazy. But as someone who battles with myself on a daily basis, I feel that I am bursting with wise experience and knowledge of how to actually be productive, when in truth, you are just a the biggest lazy lap cat anyone has ever had the pleasure of meeting.


I seem to have this weird thing where I have so many ideas, so many things I want to do, so much motivation spinning in my brain, like a little hamster on a wheel, but there is always that tiny spanner in the works that says, “Nahhh, do it later” or, “Just one more episode won’t hurt” or most commonly, “I’ll take a snack break now and do it after.” After each of these eventualities I tell myself, THIS HAS TO STOP! But it’s a slippery slope, and an endless cycle in which if I ever manage to get the slightest bit of work done, I will then reward myself by being lazy.

But do not fear! There are days when I put my laziness to one side. Days where I let productivity take the reins. It takes a lot of brain power, but I believe I have cemented a few key tips that really help to get my head in the game for when I need it.


1. Wake up early.

Now, I’m not talking crack of dawn, go chirp with the birds early, but especially if you’re a student, or if you have a day off work, the temptation to sleep all day is sooooooo strong. I always find that if I set myself an alarm, and make a conscious decision that I am going to get straight out of bed and start my day before 12pm, then my brain is pretty much set up for the rest of the day. This is obviously a tricky one when I’m at home and the pooch decides to be nice to me and snuggle in bed.



2. Make a list.

Who doesn’t love a list? Lists are the best way to slow down the hamster wheel in your head and to actually get down on paper the things you want/need to get done. Having it all bottled up can make the tasks seem impossible, but as my mum always says, “It will all work out in real life.” This basically means that no matter how big it all is in your head, or even once it is down on paper, it will always work out, because you are always capable of making it work. But don’t fill your list with things that you just cannot achieve in one day. Write down exactly what you would like to have done by the time your head hits the pillow that night. This will help you to feel more like you’ve been successful with your day, and your head will start to clear.



3. Get organised.

Whilst making a list is key to organising bundled thoughts, you can take this even further. I always find that I can never begin to even try to be productive if my room is a mess, or if I haven’t done the washing up or the books on my shelf are all in a mess. Tidy space, tidy mind! Or whatever the phrase is. Get all of your little life jobs out of the way first. Then you won’t have any distractions!



4. Ignore the internet!

Obviously, if the stuff you want to get done is to do with social media or other aspects of the internet, but if you can, turn it off! Avoid it! Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll open your phone to have a quick check on Instagram and then before you know it, you’re snuggled back in bed and half the day has gone. Think of that little poor connection, Google Dinosaur as your guardian angel, swaying you away from temptation.

Related image


5. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Don’t get upset if you don’t achieve what you want to and don’t be annoyed if you have little breaks, or if you stay in bed all day watching Grey’s Anatomy on repeat. (Guilty) You’ve got to do what works for you at a pace that works for you. If you want to have a lazy day, do it!


Hopefully these little tips will help you to get out of that lazy little slump! I just need to work on following my own advice.


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