Countdown to Christmas

Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I'm currently writing this post in my overly, in-your-face festive room, next to my mini Christmas tree and my three advent calendars. Excessive doesn't even cover it. But what is the point of trudging through the year without a … Continue reading Countdown to Christmas

Keeping Diaries

The first diary I had was bought for me by my Dad, in 2007. It's this gorgeous floral notebook with a magnetic cover that now spans across 9 years of my life. That summer I wrote in it every day, recording all of the exciting events of 10 year old Laura. I loved keeping a … Continue reading Keeping Diaries


I am in love with autumn. It's my favourite season and I wait patiently for it to come back around every year. It's where you can dress up warm in jumpers and scarves but you don't always have to cover up in a big coat. It's where everything has the most beautiful orange-red tint of … Continue reading Autumn